Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fabulous Firenze

Taken during an all-too brief stay in Firenze (Florence), Italy 2 years ago.
(Needed to pull something out of the archives, as I've been too busy preparing for
a month-long cat & house-sit in West Gippsland, Victoria - which will provide a fresh
environment within which to unleash my Nikon!)
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Friday, May 27, 2016

Three in One

Although I've lived in (and appreciated) Australia for the majority of my life, there remains in my heart a strong yearning for the country of my birth - the United Kingdom.
I've been greatly blessed to have enjoyed several trips back there in my adult life (including 2 years living in Oxford), so today's post revisits a minute snippet of those experiences (and cheekily  contributes to three separate themed blogsites - hence the title).

Clouds over Lake Windemere (for Skywatch Friday)

A swan battling the winds at the foot of Windemere  (for Weekend Reflection)

. . . and the interior of a chapel in Cornwall (for Shadow Shot Sunday 2)
Wishing you all a wonderful and safe weekend, while also thanking the hosts of the themed blogs whose commitment enables us to share.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

More Forreston

Following on from my recent post of the Forreston horse and house-sit,
thought I'd share some more images from that experience . . .

The peaceful countryside !
 . . . Some pretty blooms in the garden . . .

and a characterful birdhouse/nesting box !

This delightful part of the property offered a relaxing settee
to unwind late afternoon and simply enjoy the sounds of birdlife 

The shape of this dead tree fascinated me - in it I could see a ballerina's hand
(or is that once again just my vivid imagination ?!)
Below is the view across the hills to the television towers situated on Mt Lofty
(some 37 kms away)

. . . and how's this for charming rural art?

One of many Jenny Wrens (I think!) that often visited the grapevine support above my head as I sat down to enjoy the view and a coffee!

And a cute Grey Fantail regularly appeared around me

Linking up once again with the fun themed blogsites
with thanks to the hosts

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Laughing Kookaburra

After spending several hours working on the latest photobook of my travels,
and feeling in need of some fresh air and exercise, I grabbed the Nikon
and headed off to a local suburban green belt.

It was a glorious afternoon, with temperatures in the low 20Cs and barely a breath of wind
(as can be seen by the still water in the reflection shots above and below)


As the creek gently meanders its way through the vegetation - sunlit in patches
and shaded in others, one could easily believe that the hustle and bustle of suburbia
is far distant. However, at the top of that left hand bank runs a busy road
carrying traffic through Adelaide's north-eastern suburbs.
(This is the same area as shown in my header)
 Imagine my surprise and delight when this gorgeous Laughing Kookaburra flew
in to land on a branch just a few metres ahead of me . . . .

Although he was not "laughing" (a beautiful and uplifting sound I've experienced on other occasions), his presence was nevertheless captivating.

. . . SO glad I dragged myself away from the computer & desk !!!
Joining in the fun with Wild Bird Wednesday

(with many thanks to the respective hosts)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On the wing

Out of the archives - the partial result of an outing to the Mawson Lakes Wetlands
 A soaring Pelican
 Two of several black swans
 A Purple Swamp Hen
A Black-winged Stilt
. . . and from Belair National Park . . .

an Eastern Rosella
Joining in the fun at Wild Bird Wednesday
(with thanks to Stewart for hosting)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Rural Retreat

Have been "off the blogging grid" for the past 2 weeks due to a delightful horse & house-sit commitment in the Adelaide Hills.  It was a beautifully peaceful semi-rural 20 acre property within a half-hour's drive of the Barossa Valley and the birdlife an absolute treat.
Following are some images captured during the stay which I hope will give you
"a taste" of the environment . . . .
A pretty New Holland Honeyeater
I haven't yet identified this one, but it was singing so beautifully !
Early morning mist across the countryside
A neighbour's horse grazing
One of two horses to be fed
..... and the other
An inquisitive, alert rabbit
....  together with other members of its family!
A Grey Fantail shaking off after a bird bath
Here it is again with another (as yet) unidentified feathered friend
 and here, caught mid-air
a creative piece of work
Let the sun shine !
A Silvereye sharing the bath with its neighbours
one of many Red-browed Firetails who visited each morning
The shape of this was fascinating - I wondered whether it was a dead Sunflower?
Aahhh - I could go on and on about the photographic delights this past two weeks offered,
but will exercise some unusual restraint instead and share these images with you all at
Again, with gratitude to our hosts.
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