Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Rural Retreat

Have been "off the blogging grid" for the past 2 weeks due to a delightful horse & house-sit commitment in the Adelaide Hills.  It was a beautifully peaceful semi-rural 20 acre property within a half-hour's drive of the Barossa Valley and the birdlife an absolute treat.
Following are some images captured during the stay which I hope will give you
"a taste" of the environment . . . .
A pretty New Holland Honeyeater
I haven't yet identified this one, but it was singing so beautifully !
Early morning mist across the countryside
A neighbour's horse grazing
One of two horses to be fed
..... and the other
An inquisitive, alert rabbit
....  together with other members of its family!
A Grey Fantail shaking off after a bird bath
Here it is again with another (as yet) unidentified feathered friend
 and here, caught mid-air
a creative piece of work
Let the sun shine !
A Silvereye sharing the bath with its neighbours
one of many Red-browed Firetails who visited each morning
The shape of this was fascinating - I wondered whether it was a dead Sunflower?
Aahhh - I could go on and on about the photographic delights this past two weeks offered,
but will exercise some unusual restraint instead and share these images with you all at
Again, with gratitude to our hosts.

Monday, April 4, 2016

But wait ...

.... there's more!
Continuing on from my previous post - a return visit to Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens
(at a different time of day) was called for and here are the results ......

The hat below was on display for purchase at the Organic Café in Stirling
- where we just had to stop off for a caffeine fix + a tasty nibble! -
and the bright, cheerful colour leapt out at me (but no, I didn't buy it!)

Joining in at Our World Tuesday
with thanks to the hosting team.
Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Autumn is here

Autumn seems to have been a long time coming to Adelaide, but I was delighted when my good photography friend invited me to join her yesterday for an outing in the Hills where the autumnal colours are beginning to emerge - albeit somewhat subtlely.


After the recent very hot weather, it was also a perfect day out with temperatures around 24C.
Joining in the fun at

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gowlland Tod

Taking a trip down memory lane today, recalling a fabulous house exchange on Vancouver Island at the start of 2014 (so apologies if some of you have seen these images previously!)
One of my "expeditions" was to Gowlland Tod Provincial Park - the day snow fell in the region
The woodpeckers have been busy!

It wasn't until I met up with the Canadian exchangers again last month (during another trip by them to Australia), that I was informed these numbered boxes on poles in the Tod Inlet are actually nesting boxes

Being captivated by contrasts, this blackened log with its covering of greenery, really caught my eye!

The Tod Inlet frozen over - a rare sight I was told . . .

. . .  and the moss/lichen draping the trunks and branches reminded me of something out of "The Chronicles of Narnia" (or perhaps I just have an over-active imagination!)

Aah ....... this little taste of Heaven has "topped me up" for the day, so I'll now link up with
and pray that you have your own taste of heaven in your part of the world too.
(with grateful thanks to our hosts)
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